Friday, 1 March 2013

02-18-13 - Hiking Equipment & Supplies

 Below is a list of equipment and supplies I am carrying with me on my journey across Canada and back. I would like to give a special thanks to John and his father (owner) of Valhalla Pure in Abbotsford, British Columbia. I would not have been able to comfortably start this journey if it were not for their advice and expertise. Thank you for spending hours of your time going through my gear and giving me tips on how to survive.

I would also like to thank my friend Doug (Owner of Doug's Signs in Abbotsford) for his encouragement, when I found out that my Boat was stolen. Money, from the planned sale of the boat, was going to be use to feed myself along this 3 to 4 year journey. Instead of giving up, he made me a sign - asking people for help along the way. He gave me the confidence to believe in myself and the faith - that my higher power and the generosity of kind people - will help me complete this journey of discovery.

I would also like to thank John & Julie - Owner of Bravo Floors in Sechelt, BC for letting spend a week in your home. Julie, I could not have got this website up and running without your help. John, wow, thank you for taking me scuba diving. It was nice to get wet again. You bought me one of the most important tools I will bring with me on my journey - The solar charger...Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! It was nice to spend the time with you my friend. |As well, John, I just want to acknowledge you for the support you gave me through my tough times. You are a true and special man, and I will always have a special place in my heart for you.
  1. Back Pack – Bora 95Ltr. Arcteryx
  2. Sleeping Bag - -12C Raven Bag – Mountain Equipment Co-op
  3. Thermarest Mat – Prolite 4 LARGE 169781
  4. 4 Season Tent – North Face
  5. Thermal Tarp – Mountain Hardware
  6. Whisperlite Stove & Fuel Bottle – Both MSR
  7. Pot Set – MSR
  8. Spork
  9. 4 - Packs of Waterproof Matches
  10. SweetWater – Micro Filter – MSR
  11. Water Bag (2 Lt.) – MSR
  12. Water Bottle (1 Lt.) - GSI Outdoors
  13. Fire Starter Kit – Waterproof Box, Zippo Lighter – (gift from Son), Zippo Lighter Fluid (133ml), 2 Packs of Zippo Flints, 2 Sticks of Pitch (Fir)
  14. 2 - Rolls of Nylon Rope
  15. Head Light – Petzl (3 – AAA Batteries)
  16. Fanny Pack – Panasonic
  17. Reading glasses – 1.5
  18. Sun Glasses – S10-019 Poseidon (100% UVA\UVB)
  19. Multi-Tool
  20. Hatchet – Coleman
  21. Knife - Mora - (Knife Belt Holder with Duct Tape wrapped around it)
  22. Knife Sharpener – Smith's Bear Deterrent – UDAP Industries (225g) – (Belt Holder)
  23. 3 - White Garbage Bags
  24. 6 – Zap Straps

  1. Winter Jacket – Wind River – Down Filled – (2XL)
  2. Rain Jacket – Mont Bell (L)
  3. Jacket – Nike (XL)
  4. Rain Pants – HyVent 2.5L – The North Face
  5. Winter Boots – Karmik (Rated -40C)
  6. Hiking Boots - Saloman
  7. Full Body Thermals – Bare – CT200 = Polarwear Extreme
  8. Winter Gloves – Dakine
  9. Glove Liners – Outdoor Research
  10. Winter Hat – Dakine
  11. Scarf – Molson Canadian
  12. Ball Cap – BC Poker Championship - 2010
  13. Long John's – Stanfield's - Large & Dakoda - (Medium)
  14. Underwear – 2 Pair – ARCTERYX - (Medium)
  15. Socks – 3 wool socks
  16. T-Shirts – 1 Athletic Works Performance – Medium, Small
  17. Track Pants – Adidas – Large Black
  18. Thin Thermals – Pioner – Large
  19. Summer Shorts – Adidas (Black ones) & Surfer swim (Red ones)

First Aid Kit
Hemorrhoidal Cream Antifungal Cream Athletes Foot Cream
Ozonol Cream Blistex Eye Cream – Antibacterial
Sunscreen Lotion – Towelette 6 – Gauze Sponges 4”x4” 3 – OpSite Pads
45 – Assorted Band-Aids 12 – Gauze Sponges 2”x2” Dr Scholl's – Padding roll
Roll of 6” Gauze Roll of 2” gauze 5 – Iodine Pads
3 – Sting Relief Pads 1 Bic Lighter Ibuprofen -72 Extra Strength
Gold Bond – Foot Powder Roll of Medical Tape 3 Bars of  Pares Soap
Crest Tooth Paste Tooth Brush Reading Glasses
1 Roll Tenser Bandages 12 AAA Batteries Water Purification Drops

  1. 2 - rolls of Toilet Paper
  2. Multivitamin – 100 talets
  3. Vitamin C – (1000mg) – 100 Tablets
  4. Vitamin D3 – (100 IU) – 300 Tablets
  5. 16 – Food Pack – Backpacker's Pantry – Assorted Meal

  1. Acer - Laptop
  2. iPhone 4
  3. Bell - Air Card


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  2. Hi Rudy,

    Thank you for your comment. This journey has been very incredible thus far. It has been very helpful for me. I am glad to here that it may be helpful for other people as well. I pray that this reply finds you well. Take care and God bless

  3. Hey Boyd, I just wanted to mention to all your followers, you are in need of help to better your Back pack or to replace it! So if any sporting goods owner wants to help with $$$$ or supplies you would mention them on your site!!! Right!!! Marie Louise Charron (Just wanting to See You complete your journey):)

    1. Thank you Marie Louise,

      Yes it would be nice to have the ability to have excellent equipment when needed. So far, with the exception of a few break downs, my equipment is doing great. But things do happen. I truly believe that my higher power is looking after me on this journey. If any high end hiking equipment company would like for me to test out there equipment, I would be happy to have them sponsor me to test it out. Thank you for fixing my zipper on my back pack and fanny pack. You are a doll with an amazing heart. Take care my friend.